Kinvent collaborates with many physiotherapy and physical preparation professionals to help you optimize your practice through content combining scientific expertise and experience in the field.

  • A New Era for Kinvent
    Kinvent enters a new era with an €16M investment from Eurazeo. Explore our journey from European leader to global player in connected physiotherapy. Join us in revolutionizing healthcare through innovation and international expansion.
  • Transformative Healthcare: Shared Decision Making
    [“”,””,[[“module-text”,””,”Empowering Patients: The Key to Transformative Healthcare Through Shared Decision MakingnStep into a new era of healthcare where Shared Decision Making (SDM) takes center stage, fostering collaboration and empowerment in physiotherapy. In this article, we delve into the essence of Shared Decision Making, exploring its definition, benefits, and how My Kinvent, augmented by biofeedback features,
  • Elevate customer follow-up with Kinvent and Hexfit
    Kinvent teams up with Hexfit - number one app dedicated to customer follow-up for fitness professionals - to make your life easier. Easily integrate Hexfit into Kinvent Physio app and elevate your daily practice.
  • Maximize Recovery and Prevent Injuries with Tempo Training
    Explore how tempo training can transform rehabilitation. Discover how adjusting exercise tempo with Kinvent revolutionizes recovery, reduces the risk of injury and promotes targeted, long-lasting results. Optimize your rehabilitation with this innovative method.



  • Sports Physiotherapist
  • Instructor at the French Institute of Physiotherapy (CEERRF)
  • Scientific co-editor at 4Trainer editions


  • Sports Physiotherapist
  • Co-founder of Training Therapy
  • Sports physiotherapy trainer


  • Elite level physical trainer
  • Author of “The Art of Movement”
  • Certified trainer in physical preparation